Burkhard Mayer

Atelier für Streichinstrumente Würzburg


The “Atelier für Streichinstrumente Würzburg” continues a family tradition that stretches back many generations to the mid-19th century.

My work is focused primarily on the craftmanship of string instruments and baroque bows of all kinds – for musicians with their own individual needs and expectations in terms of sound and style.

Over the years I have gained an understanding of what performers expect from their instrument – from my own experience of violin playing as a pupil of Max Speermann and Dorothea Schulz-Thierbach.

The workshop’s bright and spacious premises include a quiet music room where instruments and accessories can be tried out, and different resonant modulations compared and evaluated.

The city of Würzburg is easy to reach from all directions. The Atelier is just a five-minute walk from the ICE train station.

Focused work is important to me, as is catering to my clients’ personal wishes. For this reason, I ask that appointments are arranged in advance.